Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vlog Kick-off Show!

Good news! I ordered a bunch of new tools, supplies and gizmos and they're all in! I purchased a new drafting table stool, this one is called a saddle stool and it looks JUST like a saddle from a horses back, rather fitting, wouldn't you say? My stash of ink brushes and pens are here, as well as all the bristol board I'll need for the book. I'm ready to hunker down and start cranking out pages for the long haul. 

Additionally, I purchased a goose neck mount, which will allow me to hold my iPhone over my drafting board while I work. This means, I can now add videos of me working on the pages to blog (or should I say, vlog?). I'll be utilizing Facebook LIVE as well so that people can tune in and make comments, suggestions and ask questions as we go along! 

To start it off right, I've posted this video below, catching everyone up to the same level as to where I stand in the process of this book. Tune in below and keep checking in as I update you in real time on the project!

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