Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vlog #2: Process Videos

Hello y'all!

Happy March! Join me today as I take you through the process of creating a finished page from beginning to end. This two part video will show you how I start off with a simple pencil layout and finish with a far more detailed and dynamic ink job.

And to demonstrate this, I saved a very special point in the book, the introduction of the MacIvey Clan's first adopted member, Skillit. Skillit is an integral part of A Land Remembered, especially for it's social development in the story. Skillit is a slave-turned-free man who after a series of misfortunate events he stumbles across the good fortune of being welcomed to join the MacIvey family and take part in the cattle herding business.

I hope you find this behind-the-scenes walk-thru of my art process interesting. We're 45 pages in, but we still have over 200 more to go! The rides just getting started!

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